What we do

Alexander Corporate Finance has a vast experience and successful track record in building and managing complex corporate and financial strategies in Brazil.

All projects may include some of the activities listed below:

Business and Financial Diagnosis
Analysis and Evaluation
Governance and Decision Making Processes
Recommend, Implement and  Coordinate the most adequate and efficient structure – customized according to each client’s needs and goals
Management and Advisory Teams Coordination
Refer, Select and Coordinate Management Teams, including specialized advisors (advisors, such as: Investment Banks; M&A Houses, Financial Institutions, Funding Providers, Management Consultants and others)
Capital Structure
Analysis and Evaluation
Funding Strategies
Development and Coordination
Management Committees
Organization, Coordination and all related Activities (on behalf of the Controlling Shareholder)
M&As and Strategic Alliances
Coordination and Negotiation (as a consequence of the Corporate and Financial Strategies)
Financial Communication Strategy
Development and Coordination (including IR and Financial Institutions)
Business Plans and Valuation
Development of Financial Models and Scenarios Analysis