What we do

Alexander Corporate Finance has a vast experience and successful track record in building and managing complex corporate and financial strategies in Brazil.

All projects may include some of the activities listed below:

  • Business and Financial Diagnosis - Analysis and Evaluation;
  • Management, Governance and Decision Making Processes - Organization (taking in account the existence of its particularities and goals);
  • Management and Advisory Teams Coordination - Refer, Select and Coordinate Management Teams, including specialized advisors (advisors, such as: Investment Banks; M&A Houses, Financial Institutions, Funding Providers, Management Consultants and others);
  • Capital Structure - Analysis and Evaluation;
  • Corporate Strategy - Always associated with Financial Strategy;
  • Corporate Transformation Processes - Coordination (with the support of selected businesses partners);
  • Corporate Finance Activities - Revision and Analysis (including coordination of interim financial management and its transition to a definitive management);
  • Funding Strategies – Development and Coordination;
  • Extraordinary Situation and Crises Management - Coordination;
  • Management Committees – Organization, Coordination and all related Activities (on behalf of the Controlling Shareholder);
  • M&As and Strategic Alliances - Coordination and Negotiation (as a consequence of the Corporate and Financial Strategies);
  • Communication Strategy aligned to the Corporate and Financial Strategies - Development and Coordination (including IR and Financial Institutions);
  • Business Plans and Valuation - Development of Financial Models and Scenarios Analysis.