Que creemos

Periods of change

In Periods of Change (due to changes in the economic or competitive landscape, growth opportunities, new ventures, mergers and other situations), the distinction can be dramatic between companies that conceptually understand and successfully implement the right corporate and financial strategies versus those that do not: some will seize the chance to create value while others might not succeed or even disappear.

Corporate and financial strategies

The appropriate Corporate and Financial Strategies, as well as its effective implementation, are fundamental to a company's sustainability, survival and value creation. It must emphasized that Corporate and Financial Strategies are much wider and sophisticated than just traditional business plans, market studies, power points, funding, treasury and accounting activities. Some companies develops their Corporate Strategy not considering the Financial Strategy as an important part of it, assuming finance and risks as independent pieces to be managed on the back office. The lack of financial knowledge on developing the corporate strategy may have severe consequences. A business is much more complex than just its financial records. The financial statements are just tools, but finance is more than accounting and control. Finance is not about the past, but about the future. There is no business value creation without a properly managed corporate finance. 

Complex questions demand unique and sophisticated answers

There is not an easy and standard solution good enough to achieve all companies, businesses and shareholders objectives simultaneously. The seek of simplistic solutions is often the source of several complex and difficult situations. In most cases the excellence is a range of simple (not simplistic) answers arising from sophisticated and educated thoughts, hard work, deep planning and proper execution. All together resulting in Unique Solutions.

Advisory not implemented is worthless

We only provide advisory or opinions that can be immediately implemented and we only work in projects where we are directly involved on the implementation. We believe that sustainable Value Creation needs planning, implementation and a long run shareholder perspective. Success demands a full strategic perspective totally integrated to a “hands on” approach.