Esporte Interativo
Strategic Solution
March 2015

In 2013 Mr. Alexander invested on Esporte Interativo (“EI”) and joined the Board of Directors. EI is an unique case of entrepreneurship in the Brazilian media market, and the most engaging and innovative media player in Brazil. EI combines a full range of media rights, a multiplatform strategy and a group that combined young and experienced high talented management.

Alexander Corporate Finance (“Acf”) advised Esporte Interativo and its Controlling Shareholders in the revision of the financial activities and in the selection of the most adequate Investment Bank. The Board of Directors recommended Esporte Interativo to look for a partner with resources and enough knowledge to support the company´s ambitions and potentials.

Acf approached Goldman Sachs & Co and recommended the bank to the Board and Controlling shareholders.

Goldman Sachs advised and represented the company and its shareholders along the prospective phase and the negotiation process. Mr. Alexander, together with the other Board Members, was appointed for the negotiation on behalf of all shareholders.

On March 2015 Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. announced the acquisition of the control of EI, including all shares from all financial investors (also Mr. Alexander´s shares).

EI was the first Turner´s sport channel in the world and the first Turner´s acquisition of a channel in Brazil.